The Healing Garden

A greener border designed by Camellia Hayes for the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2022. The Healing Garden was awarded an RHS Silver-Gilt Medal and was sponsored by the University of Sheffield Landscape Department and Yorkshire Gardens Trust.

A restorative space celebrating small-scale sustainable practices to nurture both people and the environment. In the border are two key sustainable elements: naturalistic planting and a rain garden.

The biodiverse naturalistic planting includes climate resistant and nectar and pollen rich Verbena bonariensis, and native plant Succisa pratensis.

A recycled water trough contains a rain garden, capturing rainwater instead of wasting it as runoff and using it for water-loving plants, which adds to a sense of calm.

Alongside the sustainable elements, the border has been designed to improve mental health. The naturalistic planting creates a semi-private seating area, surrounded by calming colours, which reduces anxiety whilst encouraging a connectedness to nature.